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The 5 sets of cards
Reincarnation cards environment
reincarnation cards culture
reincarnation cards environment
reincarnation cards termination
reincarnation cards occupation

Reincarnation Cards consist of 5 categories that cover all aspects of life, past, present and future. There are different numbers of cards in each category that determine variations within each category, for example, the type of work you may have done.

To find out more about the meaning of each category, click on one of the images above.

The 5 categories, Occupation, Culture, Theme, Termination, Environment, combine to give a whole picture of a potential previous incarnation. 

Each category is clearly defined and explained in detail.
Occupation Cards

The fourteen cards in this category are barely adequate to cover the vast range of occupations in which one may engage. Each of them is intended to embrace an entire field of activity, in which any number of specific occupations are included.

By drawing one of these cards, it would appear that an egoic consciousness that you projected has probably been in some way associated with the indicated occupation or profession. Either you apparently practiced the profession or occupation yourself or you were in some way greatly influenced by it or by someone who did engage in it.

Indeed, at some point in your vast incarnational history you have certainly been closely acquainted on more than one occasion with all of these activities at one time or another.

Since employment normally takes up a considerable amount of one’s daily activities, resonances may be felt to particular professions that left a psychic mark on you. The wide range of choices of ways to provide oneself with a livelihood may reveal many of life’s challenges, ranging from the more lofty spiritual or intellectual to those of a purely materialist nature.

These Occupation cards are designed to stimulate those buried memories of careers that provided important life lessons in an apparent embodiment — resonances that may very well be reflected in your present incarnation.

occupation cards can help awaken far memory reincarnation cards can help your psychisc readings