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The 5 sets of cards
Reincarnation cards environment
reincarnation cards culture
reincarnation cards environment
reincarnation cards termination
reincarnation cards occupation

Reincarnation Cards are in the five categories that cover all aspects of life, past, present and future. There are different numbers of cards in each category that determine variations within each category, for example, the type of work you may have done. To find out more about the meaning of each category, click on one of the images above.

The 5 categories, Occupation, Culture, Theme, Termination, Environment, combine to give a whole picture of a potential previous incarnation. 

Each category is clearly defined and explained in detail.
The Alliance for Lucid Living is an organization which supports philosopher and author Timothy Freke’s work of taking the perennial philosophy of oneness and love out of the mystical ghetto and into mainstream culture.

Ancient Wisdom Foundation is a not-for-profit educational initiative. Its purpose is to further research into the reality of a high and sophisticated civilization existing in remote antiquity (predating ancient Egypt, Sumer and India by millennia) and to communicate the results of that research through print and visual media to a mass audience.

Association for Research and Enlightenment, based in Virginia Beach, VA, was founded in 1931 by Edgar Cayce (1877–1945) to research and to explore transpersonal subjects such as holistic health, ancient mysteries, spirituality, intuition, philosophy and reincarnation.

Eckhart Teachings, supporting the work of spiritual teacher and author Eckhart Tolle, dedicated to the transformation of consciousness and the arising of a more enlightened humanity.

The Monroe Institute, 365 Roberts Mountain Road, Faber, VA 22938 Tel. 434-361-1252 or 1-866-881-3440. Robert Monroe developed the renowned Hemi-Sync® sound technology and was the founder of The Monroe Institute, a respected leader in consciousness research for many decades. Its unique residential programs offer opportunities to explore expanded states of awareness, starting with the Gateway Voyage®. There are many graduate courses for further study, including “Timeline,” which provides learning adventures designed to gain new perspectives by exploring other selves in other times.

Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation. Paul Brunton (1898–1981), a British philosopher and writer, had a major influence on the spread of Eastern mysticism in the West. His writings sum up his view that meditation and the inward quest are not exclusively for monks and hermits, but also for those living normal, active lives in the Western world. The Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation is a resource for people who seek deeper experience and broader understanding of themselves, their world, and their Source.

Patty Ray Avalon (formerly Patricia Peters)) : Illustrator of Reincarnation Cards

Vedanta Society (Ramakrishna Order) has many centers around the world. The practices of Vedanta include prayer, meditation, spiritual study and selfless service. Vedanta accepts and respects all religious traditions and encourages everyone to learn from the insights and teachings offered by prophets and teachers of all religions.

Psychognosia is a privately-funded, not-for-profit centre for the dissemination of reliable information on the scientific study of anomalous phenomena (parapsychology), consciousness studies and related areas. Topics of interest include reincarnation, past-life memories, poltergeist & haunting phenomena, mediumship, extra sensory perception (ESP), altered states of consciousness, out-of-body (OBE) & near-death (NDE) experiences, psychokinesis (PK), "intentional"  healing; clairaudience and consciousness generally. Co-directors, John Knowles, M.A., and Linda Leblanc studied at the Institute for Parapsychology (Rhine Research Center), Durham, North Carolina, U.S.A.   Leblanc is an accredited Gateway Residential and Outreach trainer of The Monroe Institute whose founder Robert Monroe developed the world-renowned Hemi-Sync® sound patterns that facilitate hemispheric synchronization of the brain.

Get an insight into the Reincarnation Cards and Awakening Far Memory book set and see what will be revealed to you. 

You will be given a random selection of 5 cards, one from each category (Environment, Occupation, Theme, Culture and Termination). The randomly selected cards will be visible on your screen after purchase and all 5 cards will be available as downloads from your shopping cart.

It costs only $2 to see what YOUR past life may have been. If you subsequently buy the full book and card set (204 page hardcover book and 61 cards), the $2 past life reading fee will be refunded. 

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What will these cards reveal to you about your past life?


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