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The 5 sets of cards
Reincarnation cards environment
reincarnation cards culture
reincarnation cards environment
reincarnation cards termination
reincarnation cards occupation

Reincarnation Cards are in the five categories that cover all aspects of life, past, present and future. There are different numbers of cards in each category that determine variations within each category, for example, the type of work you may have done. To find out more about the meaning of each category, click on one of the images above.

The 5 categories, Occupation (work), Culture (Social institution), Termination (Death), Environment (Where you might have lived), Theme (Personal attributes) combine to give a whole picture of a potential previous incarnation. 

EachCategory is clearly defined and explained in detail.
Where to buy the Book and Card Set.
Reincarnation Cards® — Awakening Far Memory.

Authors: John Knowles, M.A. and Linda Leblanc. Ger Maa Publishers is located in Cyprus.

Book Card and Set Details

ISBN: 978-9963-667-00-0

Please contact Ger Maa for discount schedule and terms for businesses outside of the United States/Canada.  Publisher's mailing address:

Ger Maa Publishers, PO Box 62064, 8060 Paphos, Cyprus (CY) 

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reincarnation cards table of contects