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The 5 sets of cards
Reincarnation cards environment
reincarnation cards culture
reincarnation cards environment
reincarnation cards termination
reincarnation cards occupation

Reincarnation Cards consist of 5 categories that cover all aspects of life, past, present and future. There are different numbers of cards in each category that determine variations within each category, for example, the type of work you may have done.

To find out more about the meaning of each category, click on one of the images above.

The 5 categories, Occupation, Culture, Theme, Termination, Environment, combine to give a whole picture of a potential previous incarnation. 

Each category is clearly defined and explained in detail.

Reincarnation is a phenomenon that fascinates just about everyone. 

Throughout our known history, people have experienced deep resonances with friends, lovers, particular cultures or places.  Sometimes dismissed as just imagination, these glimpses into other realities can be strengthened and developed to help you to understand more of who you really are. 

Find out about your incarnations with the help of Reincarnation Cards and their psychic readings.  


Reincarnation Cards and its accompanying hardcover book, Awakening Far Memory, is an unique tool designed specifically for self-directed research into one’s own reincarnational history.  It is not a tarot in any way, shape or form other than the fact that it uses cards as a medium to convey information. Please do not dismiss this as “just another Tarot set”.  It is not.

This gift-quality book and card set is available for purchase by clicking on the links below.   Or, why not try to experience a reincarnation memory now?  If you would like to sample this amazing tool for far memory recall, you can trigger a past life memory right here on this website - now !  There are over 235,000 possible combinations of the 61 Reincarnation Cards.

Try a hand of 5 Reincarnation Cards with their explanatory essays  -  it costs only a refundable $2.           
Guided by your Higher Self, a random selection of 5 cards will be chosen for you after you have completed your purchase.  Your selection will include one Reincarnation Card  from each category (Environment, Occupation, Theme, Culture and Termination).  The randomly selected cards will be visible on your screen after purchase and a reproduction of all 5 cards and their explanatory essays will be available as downloads from your shopping cart. 

                 If you subsequently buy the full card set, your $2 will be refunded.     
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What will these cards reveal to you about your past life and its ultimate meaning? 

            It costs just a refundable $2 to see what YOUR past life may have been. 



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Buy the Book and Card set.
trigger a far memoryReincarnation Cards — Awakening Far Memory. Buy the set!
The set consists of a 204-page hardcover, cloth-bound book, Awakening Far Memoryand 61 beautifully illustrated, color cards.

The cards cover five categories of life that we all experience and that have direct influences on our lives, Culture, Occupation, Theme, Termination and Environment.

The book and cards have been placed within a gift-quality box and shrinkwrapped. Buy direct from Amazon (direct links below).

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